Handbook of Model Rocketry by G. Harry Stine - 94001

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This new edition of the “authoritative guide of model rocketry” shows you how to safely build, launch, track, and recover model rockets - just as the experts do it! Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran model rocketeer, the Handbook of Model Rocketry explains everything you need to know to get your rocket off the ground - from rocket construction and ignition systems to launching techniques, aerodynamics, altitude determinations, and recovery devices.

G. Harry Stine was one of the true founding fathers of model rocketry and one of its most respected and accomplished figures in the history of the hobby. His Handbook of Model Rocketry has long been recognized as the most reliable resource in the field. Now fully updated, the new Seventh Edition includes the many changes in the hobby that have occurred since the last edition was published, such as new types of rockets, motors, and electronic payloads, plus computer software and Internet resources. Also includes many new photos and a new chapter on high-power composite propellant hobby rocketry. This official manual of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) provides the expertise you need to launch you rocket skyward.